Updated at: 2020-07-10

Creating a Link

To quickly create a short link, go to the Links option and put the url you want to shorten in the box.

Then click the “Shorten” button

The short link will show up in the link list

Use the “Advanced” button after entering your link to make any custom settings for your links.


If you’ve setup a custom domain for your short links, select that here.


This allows you to create your own descriptive short link instead of having the website generate one for you.


Option to allow you to group your links in categories.


This will put a password on the link that must be entered before the redirect will happen.

Expiration date

Allows you to set a date/time that the link will expire.  If you have a limited time offer for a product, use this option.

Expiration link

If you’ve setup an expiration date, you can enter a link here to send your users somewhere else after the link has expired.


  • Private - All link stats are private by default. You are the only one who can see them.
  • Public - If you want to have the ability to share your stats with a 3rd party, choose the public option.


Use this section if you want to target your links to particular areas or setup a link rotation


Target your links by country.  In this example, we would send a user to the correct version of Amazon based on whether they were in the UK or the United States


If you want to create different links based on the type of platform, like iOS or Android, use this option.  For example, you may want to automatically send someone to a different download link based on the type of phone they have.


Use this option if you want to rotate the short link through different destinations.  For example, if you wanted to setup an A/B test of different landing pages from an ad link.


This option allows you to group your links so that you can find them easier.  For example, if you wanted to have short links based on PPC campaigns or Affiliate links.


If you would prefer to use your own domain for the short links to promote your brand, use this option.

This is a more advanced option that requires a knowledge of DNS.  If you are not sure what that is, please get someone to help you set it up properly.   

This option also requires that you purchase a site certificate for it to work properly.

Before attempting this, please contact us first here  We have to set this up on our servers as well.